Summer season welcome drinks for special guests ?>

Summer season welcome drinks for special guests

Healthy green smoothie from spinach and green apples, selective focusHealthy green smoothie from spinach and green apples, selective focus

All guests are special but some are just one of those that make you want to welcome them with something more. Here are some drinks that add that x factor to your drinks menu and make the guests feel special.

In summer season, the most sought after drink is a lemonade but why just serve a simple lemonade you can get just anywhere when you can make a different equally refreshing version at home.

You may consider a bit of a detox, like this one which is a full body cleanse to flush out all of the toxins of the summer!

You can also make delicious ginger and pomegranate lemonade with simple ingredients. First make ginger syrup by adding one cup of water, one cup of sugar and 1 piece of peeled ginger into a saucepan and bringing it to boil. Simmer the mixture till sugar dissolves, then let it cool down and drain it.

(Note: These detox drinks are also fantastic for exercise, particularly for cooling down and reducing muscle tightness. This is due to the anti inflammatory nature of the ingredients).

Take a large pitcher, add 4 tbsp. of cooled ginger syrup, pomegranate juice about 8 ounces, some lemon wedges, pomegranate seeds and 1 cup of lemon juice. Add in some ice cubes and you are good to serve this refreshing drink to your guests.

Iced tea

This is another option if you are looking to serve a drink with style. You can put it in a pitcher or a large bowl, bottles and even dispensers for guests to help themselves with refills if they want. You can easily make iced tea at home. Fill a teapot with water and boil it. In another container add 1 cup sugar and pour boiling water over it. Mix it till sugar gets dissolved and add 6 or more teabags as per the taste you like. Let them be soaked for about half an hour and mix small amount of cold water in it. Refrigerate it in fridge and serve when needed. Iced tea can be served in any flavor, all you have to do is add slices of the fruit you like e.g. peaches or even better, berries.

Pimm’s Cup

Our favorite! It can also be served in the same manner as iced tea, that is, in large dispensers or even bottles. Also, this is a healthy and extremely refreshing option in summers. All you have to do is mix Pimm’s no. 1 with limeade mint, cucumber and sliced up fruit for a cocktail like drink.

These light drinks are a popular choice for wedding receptions where guests can have them by themselves from a dispenser. They are perfect for a heated up summer season and provide instant refreshment.

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